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    Onboard comfort

    Calm and relaxation: everything in the Voyageur cabin is designed for  your comfort, regardless of your flight length or destination.

    Guaranteed comfort, every time

     Travel and tranquility go hand in hand at Air France.
    Discover the pleasing design of our cabins, which feature more space,  improved soundproofing, pleasant lighting and larger baggage  compartments.

    Sleep easily on our long-haul flights with a feather-filled cushion and  blanket. We offer a mask and a refreshing towel at no extra charge, and  earplugs are available upon request from our cabin crew.
    Enjoy a personal video screen on board*. Movies, music and games are  offered for entertainment or relaxation throughout your trip.

    We also provide you with new recyclable headphones** ensuring premium  sound quality, listening comfort and sound insulation. With an  adjustable headband, it adapts to all body types, especially those of  children. Reliable, practical and hygienic, these headphones will make  your flight even more enjoyable.

    On board, you will appreciate the comfort and quality of our seats with:

    • more space for your legs and knees,
    • fully retractable armrests,
    • an adjustable footrest***,
    • a more relaxing, contoured chair,
    • an adjustable headrest,
    • - 118-inclined seat, which better preserves the personal space of each passenger.

    * Available on all our aircraft by the end of the year.
    ** Gradually rolled out on all our long-haul flights beginning March 2012.
    *** Except on board some Boeing 747s.


    Your trip in the Affaires cabin is a high-end travel  experience, featuring optimal comfort, pleasure and efficiency. Both at  the airport and on board, we strive to bring you well-being and  serenity.

    An exclusive space for rest or entertainment

    In the Affaires cabin, your seat is designed to provide optimal comfort. In just a few seconds, it transforms into a spacious bed up to  2m / 6.5ft in length, one of the longest on the market. It takes on  the shape of your body and guarantees quality sleep. Thanks to its  ‘enveloping’ shell, you enjoy privacy throughout your entire flight.

    The Affaires seat also includes an individual screen that lets you enjoy an entertainment lineup with over 500 hours of
    on-demand programming. A large selection of French and international newspapers is also at your disposal.

    For your well-being on board, you also have:

    • a hypoallergenic feather pillow,
    • a pure wool blanket,
    • a comfort and well-being kit that includes toiletries and a Clarins moisturizer.

    A space and service ideal for working on board

    The Affaires cabin provides everything you need to work comfortably:

    • a power outlet to plug in your laptop or other electronic devices,
    • a reading lamp that can be oriented so as not to bother or be bothered by your neighbor,
    • noise-cancelling headphones,
    • a personal telephone to make calls via satellite,
    • express light meals, to lunch or dine quickly after takeoff.

    A spacious and user-friendly seat
    Designed by ergonomics experts, this elegant seat has been revamped to  offer ideal sleeping conditions: in just a few seconds, it transforms  into a bed that is 2m / 6.5ft long and 61cm / 24 in wide, one of the  most spacious on the market.
    With its user-friendly controls, you can easily find your best position  throughout your flight. You can even have your legs outstretched before  takeoff, as well as during takeoff and landing.
    The seat also includes a new storage space and a removable armrest to facilitate access for passengers with reduced mobility.

    Air France is progressively installing the new Affaires seat on all of our  long-haul aircraft. It is now available on board more than half of our  fleet.

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